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Michelle Leslie on Apr 24,

Jun 01, If you are thinking your lilac would look or grow better in another location, consider transplanting a root shoot instead of relocating a lilac bush. Many species of lilac, like the French lilac, propagate by producing shoots around the base of the shrub.

Do lilacs transplant well? The lilac shoots do. You can dig them out and replant them, and. May 08, With a sharp shovel, you want to dig up 1742 Concord MA new lilac bush.

Dig approx. inches around the outer edges of the rooted area and bring as much soil as possible up with the rooted lilac bush. Take your pruning shears and cut the branch approximately at ground level. Jun 03, Use the shovel to remove the entire rootball. However, for older, established plants, you’ll do better using a tractor or truck to pull out the plant’s root system.

Tie a strap around the base of the lilac, put tension on it with the vehicle, then cut the roots on the other side. Littleleaf lilac (Syringa microphylla) is a round, low, bush-like plant that seldom grows more than 5 feet tall.

It produces small, late blooming, fragrant, lilac flowers. Both leaves and flowers of this species are small. Dwarf Korean lilac (Syringa palebinina) is an even shorter bush than the littleleaf lilac and seldom grows more than 4 feet. Digging up a lilac.

Thank you Michelle.

I'm in the process of trying to dig up a common lilac that's about 15 years old probably. I grew it in a tree-form, so it has only 3 main trunks.

I cut the trunks off at ground level, and dug a trench about 2 feet from the trunks all around, cutting through the roots. Apr 23, I have been given permission to dig up shoots from the lilac bushes on my grandparents old farm. These bushes have been on that hillside for over 60 years. She mentioned that the flowers were white and only have a few flowers on the older parts.

I remember them being a light purple, can they actually look white or turn white if the bush is old? Jun 7, - Learn how to save money by taking root cuttings from existing lilac bushes and creating new bushes in your landscape. Hey experts, my spouse and I recently bought a new home and have this lilac bush however it's extremely unruly and needs some help.

There is nothing worse than getting in over your head and having to file for bankruptcy because the project got out of hand and you ran out of financing.

Ideally I'd like to keep it as they smell great when flowering and have been doing some reading and know there's the 1/3 method, and the"cut it all back" option but hoping to get some validation. Lilacs should be planted in the ground. These are showing some color now. They have a great fragrance. Order Lilac Bush Outdoor Plants from CAULEY'S FLORIST & GARDEN CENTER - Fitchburg, MA Florist & Flower Shop.

Apr 10, if it is starting to show signs of life is the best time to take a cutting. take about 6 inch lengths, cut at an angle with a sharp knife, from actively growing branch ends. keep moist and cool. i foten re-cut them after getting them home, in case they have dried out some.

then dip lightly in rooting hormaone, stick in a pot of good dirt, place in a place wtih plenty of sun and water. i always take about.